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Innovative Online Lit Mags

Hungry for some fabulous new short fiction? You can find a wealth of carefully curated stories at these eight online literary magazines. Image courtesy of David Billingham.

Suggested Reading
Short Stories Spotlight10

Children's Stories About Hard Work

In Aesop's world, hard work pays off. Unless your business partner is a lion.

Children's Stories About Being Yourself

Aesop knows that people will see through pretense. And they may never forgive you for trying to be something you're not.

Children's Stories About Cooperation

There's strength in numbers and power in persuasion. Check out Aesop's fables about the importance of cooperation.

Analysis of 'A Beneficiary' by Nadine Gordimer

South African writer Nadine Gordimer's short story about a woman whose actress mother never stops pretending, even off stage.

Analysis of 'The First Sense' by Nadine Gordimer

Analysis of Nadine Gordimer's short story 'The First Sense.'

Where to Find Short Stories

A guide to finding short stories, whether you're looking for some free reading, trying to understand the classics, or anything in between.

Aesop's Funniest Fables

Aesop's funniest fables might not be his most famous, but when you read them you're sure to recognize people you know.

Analysis of 'Diamonds' by Colin Barrett

Analysis of Colin Barrett's story 'Diamonds' from his collection 'Young Skins.'

Three Children's Fables About Fitting In

Aesop's bat fables can get kids talking about what it means to fit in.

Sherman Alexie, Jimi Hendrix, and 'The Star-Spangled Banner'

Sherman Alexie's story offers a complicated look at American identity.

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